Windows phone theme for iphone dreamboard

DreamBoard is available on Cydia from the ModMyi repo. It will not skin your phone when installed.

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You will have to click the icon for the tweak in order to use any of the custom skins. By default, DreamBoard only comes with Endroid, which skins the iPhone to look and function like an Android device.

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  6. There are tons of other themes available on Cydia, so you can make your phone look like almost anything you can imagine. To apply an installed theme, simply click the DreamBoard icon on your home screen, and then click the icon for the theme.

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    • 5 Stunning Free Dreamboard Themes For iOS 5.

    It will load for a few seconds and then apply the theme to your phone. It is easy to navigate, but the buttons may be a little small if you have bigger fingers.

    5 Best Windows Theme for iPhone - iPad (Dreamboard)

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    Windows 8 Dreamboard theme for iPhone 4S and 4

    The most popular of the two platforms is without a doubt WinterBoard. WinterBoard is the granddaddy of theming platforms, but it has also begun to show its age. Next up is a relatively new theming platform entitled DreamBoard. DreamBoard, as you might have already discerned is a lot more robust that WinterBoard and allows you to perform some pretty radical changes to the look of your iPhone. There are a few caveats to using DreamBoard, as it has proven to be a bit less unstable than its predecessor.

    5 Best Windows Theme for iPhone – iPad (Dreamboard)

    Yes, you must jailbreak in order to use any of the methods described on this page, though that could obviously change in the future if Apple decides to open up theming on the stock iOS. Themes can be obtained using a variety of methods. The easiest way to acquire themes of course is by using Cydia. There are literally tons of themes available on Cydia, most of them being WInterBoard themes.

    A lot of the themes on Cydia are free, but some do cost. Remember, that you generally will get what you pay for. Both Theme and CodeThemed allow you to download WinterBoard themes, but CodeThemed allows you to easily create your own, and features more social aspects. Lastly, you might find themes available online, perhaps in. These themes can also be installed on your iPhone, but the method of doing so is not as easy or straight forward as using one of the three available store methods.

    Do I Have to Jailbreak in Order to Use Custom Themes?

    So in a nutshell, there are two major theming platforms WinterBoard and DreamBoard. There are three stores to acquire themes for both, and again they are as follows:. WinterBoard Exclusive Theme it:

    Windows 8 Running on iPhone and iPod (DreamBoard + Metroon)