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One of the modes where this image processing comes in useful is in the Live Bokeh mode, letting you choose the degree of blur you get behind the main subject of a photo. We only tested it a handful of times but it seemed to work pretty well: As with the majority of phones on the market now, there's an Auto HDR mode designed to bring out the best colors and contrast from your images by fusing several shots together.

We preferred the results on the whole, though occasionally you lose a slight bit of detail — we left Auto HDR on as is the default for all our sample shots. You can see the samples below, where we'll talk a bit more about some of the results we got.

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As you scroll through though, you'll notice the Nokia 7. Click here to see the full resolution image. We went out shooting with the Nokia 7. But you can tell how the Auto HDR keeps plenty of detail in both the dark and light areas of the pictures: Look at the fourth picture above, which keeps clouds and dark spots like under the bridge visible.

Colors are natural and bold, and sharpness levels are good. Take a close zoom into these pictures and the Nokia 7. This close-up macro shot gives you a bit of a better idea of how the Nokia 7.

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Again, details are clear and sharp, and if you load the original up on a computer you can zoom in quite a way before everything starts to get too fuzzy. The Nokia 7. In all of these shots, taken in auto mode, the shutter speed is as speedy as you would like.

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Here you can see an assortment of night shots taken in and around Manchester, and the Nokia 7. You can see both lighter and darker areas clearly, even when illumination sources are at a premium.

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Admittedly, a flagship phone that really excels at low-light photography — the Google Pixel 3 , say — is going to pick out more details in a darker shot like the final party scene. But we'll go back to what we said before: Above you can see the Live Bokeh and Pro modes in action, as well as some of the other camera settings. There are better mobile cameras out there, for sure, but this is much better than you might expect from a phone at this price level.

Current page: Nokia Never miss a moment Thanks to its camera with flash, the Nokia Dual SIM lets you capture all your favourite moments by day or night and share them using Bluetooth.

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Full specifications Technical profile System: Operating times Standby time: See full specs. Still looking? Find the perfect phone for you. Nokia 7 Plus See more, do more.