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No distractions. Do you want to read books together with your kids? A child needs color and wants to interact. A Kindle is just boring. What you need to know is that once you buy an ebook in one ebook platform, you will have problems with moving it to another one. If you buy an ebook in the Kindle Store, you can read it on your Kindle or in a Kindle app on your iPad.

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As you see, an iPad is a much better device if you want to have access to different ebook ecosystems. You can use it to read an ebook you bought when you had your first iPhone, but you can also read ebooks from Google Play or Kindle Store. Where do you like to read most? At home, in the evening, or maybe outside, on the beach or in the garden?

Or maybe I should say: Because in the sun, a screen of an iPad is dark. You will hardly see anything. As I wrote above, an LCD screen shows images thanks to emitting light from behind. Its screen works differently. A display consists of thousands of microcapsules.

Kindle Paperwhite vs iPad Mini 2 - Reading Compari

An image — a text of a book — is created when microcapsules are positioned with either their dark or light side. Basic Kindle — an entry-level e-reader with glare-free touchscreen display and Wi-Fi.

Best eBook Reader Apps for iPad Mini 2

Kindle Paperwhite — this is the most popular Kindle model. Besides features from the basic Kindle, Paperwhite offers a lighted display — the light is being emitted from the edges of the screen, so that you can read even in the complete darkness. Advanced display with ProMotion technology, fast processors, and smart accessories, including a digital stylus and a keyboard. To get more posts like this, please subscribe by RSS or email. Take a look at Kindle best sellers of in most popular genres: Founder of Ebook Friendly.

Ebook enthusiast, technology geek, and self-published short story author. Info Posts Twitter Blog Mail. The 4th-generation Paperwhite is not the first Kindle to be waterproof and Audible-ready, so what is so special about it? Are you interested in exploring audiobooks? Make sure to read these tips and facts that will help you decide where and how to get them. The application is heavily integrated with iOS, offers multilingual support, personalization options, and Spotlight search support. This heavy-duty case features seven stand angles, an inside Apple Pencil holder, and a strong magnetic front to easily attach to any metal surface.

Check out our recommendations for microSD memory cards, screen protectors, Bluetooth keyboards, tablet pillows, charging stations, and more…. What about personalized cases, unique sleeves and bags, popular digital subscriptions, clever stands, or travel accessories?

A list of most wonderful and motivating quotes about books and reading. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page. Yet another thing to know about these devices is that they offer more functionality than just let you read eBooks. The Apple iPad, for example, comes with a wide range of features that will allow users to do a whole lot more than just reading.

The Kindle Oasis is one of the thinnest and lightest Kindles ever.

Best iPad and iPhone book-reading apps you should be using in 2018

This makes it suitable for some casual reading or even if you intend to spend prolonged intervals reading a book of your choice. The product comes with a very impressive battery life, and the fact that the company offers a leather charging cover by default helps a great deal as well. It comes with all-new ergonomic design and buttons on board which make it easier to navigate from different parts of the UI.

The backlight on the Oasis is adjustable, allowing you to tweak the brightness as per your convenience. First of all, for millions of Gmail users, Google Play Books is the easiest way to start reading ebooks on their new iPads and iPhones. A benefit of the Google Play ecosystem is an easy access to your book library from a web browser. A web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, is enough. And you can have all the books synced to your iPad or iPhone so that you can continue reading on the go.

Other book-reading apps offer translation for a limited number of languages. The translation in Google Play Books is powered by Google Translate, so you can choose from over languages, not five or ten. With the launch of Google audiobooks , the app was updated to support audiobook playback. It can sync last listened location with other devices connected to your Google account. Thanks to that, you can play an audiobook on your Google Home smart speaker and then continue on your iPhone. From the developer of Marvin 3 comes another innovative app that book geeks should not doubt to try.

Why would you need to switch between a reading and writing app, if you can do everything — and easily — in one?

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Gerty offers everything the book-reading app should include to let you enjoy reading to the fullest. In fact, it borrows many features from Marvin: The app offers specialty OpenDyslexic font, syncs via Dropbox, and enables the user to manage, sort, and filter books in bulk.

Kindle (Android, iOS: Free)

How does it differ from an ability to take notes offered by other apps? In Gerty, you can easily save highlights and notes as personal journal entries. You can add photos and edit them to create stunning effects. You can geo-tag your entries and photos.

Best iOS book apps to try in 2018

In the end, you can export your journal to an epub book. It means that you, and everyone you share your book with, could open it in a book-reading app, such as Kindle, Marvin, or… Gerty. Just imagine. After reading a book, you are left not only with memories but with another book — the one written by yourself.

Is improving reading comprehension and speed among your to-dos this year? Picking up a dedicated speed-reading app would help achieve this goal.

Best eBook Reader Apps for iPad Mini 2

Some speed-reading apps, the ones that show one word or phrase at a time, may seem too extreme. Instead of getting involved, many users try using the one-word technique, get quickly disappointed, and never come back. What if training your speed reading skills is optional and not so dramatically different?

On the basic level, QuickReader is a nicely designed book-reading app with many customization options and built-in access to thousands of public domain books from such repositories as Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, or Internet Archive. What I find particularly inviting is a customization of speed reading options and display. Besides setting the speed goal words per minute is an average reading speed , you can personalize the look of the highlight box.

Instead of the highlight, you can pick up outline, side bars, or long underline. You can also set your preferred highlight box color. Each book can be read in two modes: Normal and Guided Reading. The latter one is a great way to gradually improve your reading speed. The technique used to control the speed is simple — a small part of the text is being highlighted and moves forward at the speed you set.

With three taps you can skip speed reading mode and come back to normal mode. The app also provides a simple speed reading test — a good thing to check out before you set the speed goal. Some book-reading apps offer basic stats that measure your reading progress, how much time you need to finish a book, or what is your reading speed. Leio is such an app. You can time your reading sessions, and they will be logged to a reading calendar so that you can see them in a longer time perspective. With a Planner tool, you can set up how often you want to read each book, and the app will remind you to read if you want to stay on track.

An even more powerful tool lets you finish reading a book by a specific date. As time flies, the app will adjust the reading plan. Have you enjoyed this post?